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Selling online has never been easier.

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Get straight to growing your business. We handle everything to sell online. So you can focus on your business rather managing the infrastructure.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get a holistic and detailed view of your business to better understand sales, orders, and customers to better tailor your products.

Get Paid Directly and Securely

We don't keep your money! The payment goes to you directly as soon as a buyer pays.

How It Works

It's Good To Know How The System Works, Before You Register


    Register as Merchant

    Creating an account is very simple, Your merchant dashboard will be ready as soon as you're registered. You can manage everything that belongs to your store and running the business.


    List Your Items

    Listing your products is really simple through our easy to use the self-serve portal. Upload including high-quality product images and additional details.


    Sell & Fulfill Orders

    After you list your offers, customers can visit them on the Marketplace. We'll notify you when customers place an order. Fulfill the order on promised time is very important.


    Get Paid Instantly

    We don't hold your money, the payment will be sent to your connected account directly.

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  • Get 500NTC when you open a new store until the end of 2022
  • 5 Staff Users
  • 10 Products
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Marketplace Commission
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  • 1 Staff Users
  • 50 Products
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Marketplace Commission
10 USDT/month

Small Business

  • 5 Staff Users
  • 100 Products
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Marketplace Commission
15 USDT/month


  • 10 Staff Users
  • 200 Products
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Marketplace Commission
40 USDT/month

Super Profession

  • 10 Staff Users
  • 500 Products
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Marketplace Commission


Most Frequently Asked Questions


MARKET is a new e-commerce platform and has a different direction from all existing trading platforms on the market such as shopee, lazada,...

MARKET - Don't keep your money.

MARKET - Helps you to link yourself with the shipping unit, adjust the shipping cost yourself.

MARKET - You can create your own exclusive coupons for your customers.

MARKET - Selling for free!

MARKET - Friendly staff, 247 support for any individual or business seller

You can find out the sales on nomo through the following ways:

- Search for video tutorials on youtube

- Join MARKET's free training courses

- See MARKET's tutorial articles on the news site

If you want to permanently close your account, Seller Support can assist you. Remember that you can use the Maintenance Mode feature that will hide all your listings, or you can deactivate or delete your listings entirely but keep your account for future use. . Before you permanently close your account, please cancel and delete your listings and settle all transactions.

Sell your item
Users will have access to a fully featured Seller Dashboard to manage all aspects of selling on MARKET, like managing your sales account, adding product information, updating Inventory update, order management and user management.
It depends on the sales package registered in MARKET
MARKET will notify you by email when you receive your order. You can change your notification settings in your account settings.
Correct. Our packaging service allows customers to choose when they pay, you can provide options for any individual item on your listing page.

Price list
It's free! and MARKET only charges a small fee to help upgrade the service for a better customer experience. For some sales packages, MARKET will charge fees on products and transactions. The costs will be displayed when you select a subscription plan.
No, sure

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